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Manager's Letter 
As we approach another beginning of our school year, I hope everyone had some time in the summer to relax and refresh. This is such a busy time for child care providers and families that we need that extra reserve to draw on for the work ahead. 

This summer has seen a few changes for the Parent and Child Programs at North Shore Community Resources Society. Many of you will know that Fran Jones retired at the end of June as the Coordinator of our Connect for Kids Early Years Planning Table. We are fortunate to have Kerry Watts step into this role which complements her position as Coordinator for the CAP-C Program. 

The domino effect of Kerry moving into this new position created a new vacancy for the Coordinator of the Early Years Vulnerability Project. There are two remaining years of this project. We are pleased to announce that Jane White was the successful candidate for this position. Jane comes to us with great expertise in the field of child development from front line work, designing and teaching ECE curriculum, and community development experience. We look forward to working with Jane. 

Maria, our Early Years Centre Coordinator, has started the conversations and organization to move forward with the project. You will be seeing more details soon on training and activities for the North Shore. Maria and Jane will be coordinating their projects with the Early Years planning table to ensure gaps and overlaps are avoided in services and planning for the future. 

And don’t forget...we have a Provincial election on May 9th, 2017. Our continued advocacy for child care can be a topic for both home and work.   

As always, I look forward to our work together for the families of the North Shore.        

June Maynard
Supporting NSCR

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2016 Child Care Fee and Wage Surveys
We completed the updated Child Care Fee and Wage surveys for 2016. Once again, we did not have a great response and will be reviewing both our survey questions and format to encourage a better response next time. Though we have moved to doing this survey once every two years because changes on an annual basis are not that significant, we may consider re-doing it next year for more input. We still believe this is a useful tool for both families and child care providers.
Please find the surveys linked below for your information and reference:  
 If you have any suggestions to improve the survey and get a higher completion rate, please forward these to me at:
Thank you.
MCFD 2016 Child Care Award of Excellence

From left to right: MLA Ralph Sultan; June Maynard, NSCR;
Cristina Rucci, Planner, District of North Vancouver; Mayor Richard Walton; MLA Jane Thornthwaite.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development annually recognizes those that have made a significant contribution to child care in our Province. This year North Shore Community Resources Society, on behalf of the Connect for Kids Early Years Planning Table, nominated our three North Shore municipalities for a joint award. This was inspired by their collaborative work together to support and facilitate child care on the North Shore. Our nominations was successful and each of the three municipalities received the award to recognize their participation. A photo was taken in each municipality with the Mayor and MLA. 
2016 Children & Family Directory 
In partnership with the North Shore News, North Shore Community Resources Society produces the annual Children & Family Directory. The directory provides information about community services and programs to families with children 0 – 12 years of age.
You are welcome to add the Directory link below to your website:

Please contact NSCR at 604-985-7138 or at if you would like a supply of Children & Family Directories for your organization or facility. Thank you.
NSCR Christmas Holiday Closures 
Please note: the North Shore Community Resources office will be closed as of the end of the day, Friday, December 23, 2016 and will reopen on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.
TITLE: Social Skills Development
DATE & TIME: Thursday, September 22, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
PRESENTER: Andrea James 
BIO: Andrea James is currently an ECE instructor at Langara College, having previously spent 15 with the Supported Child Development Program at the BC Centre for Ability. Andrea has been an early childhood educator for over 25 years.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Join this participatory session to learn about the importance of promoting and teaching social skills to young children. See what research tells us about the link between social skills and school success and learn practical ideas to support social skill development to help reduce challenging behaviour in young children.


TITLE: Questioning our Biases
DATE & TIME: Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
PRESENTER: Lesley Richardson 
BIO: Lesley is an experienced Early Childhood Educator and Instructor, with a passion for introducing anti-bias/diversity education in the early years. She has worked in adult education for many years, recently retiring as the Early Childhood Education Coordinator from Vancouver Community College. She now works as a consultant and speaker in the early education field and continues to mentor and teach ECE students. Lesley also collaborated recently on updating and revising Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre’s curriculum, Safe Spaces: Bullying Prevention for Preschool-Aged Children.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This interactive workshop will be an opportunity for professional growth and development of our own self-awareness on this topic. Objectives:
  • To define bias and discrimination.
  • To discuss ways of uncovering personal bias as a way of developing self-awareness.
  • To understand how greater self-awareness leads to developing comfort levels in working with diversity in the ECE field.
  • To set personal goals to develop an anti-bias approach to working with others.
Suitable for all early learning child care professionals working with children of any age, including children with extra support needs, parents, instructors and administrators.

TITLE: Understanding Anxiety: Learning How Fear Impacts Behaviour
DATE & TIME: Thursday, October 27, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
PRESENTER: Kirsten Bevelander

BIO:  Kirsten Bevelander is a Child Care Advisor who works for the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society. This position is a part of the CCRR Program, funded by MCFD.  The advisors visit child care providers and Aboriginal centers around the province and provide support through training, and sharing of resources.  Kirsten has worked with children and families for over 25 years, specializing in toddler care, literacy learning and Aboriginal Supported Child Development. She is also an instructor for the Burnaby ECE Continuing Education Program. Kirsten brings a unique perspective to her teaching as a parent of three "twice exceptional" children

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Anxiety is a deceptive disability that masks the true feelings and motivations of individuals. Children’s real or perceived fears will often show up in challenging forms of behaviour. If we as caregivers react to these behaviours we only cement the underlying anxiety and end up increasing the overall problem. In this interactive workshop we will explore: how anxiety sometimes looks in children, how to see beyond the surface behaviour, and how to understand the underlying fears. We will discuss strategies that support all children in reducing anxiety and learning to take appropriate risks.

TITLE: Make & Take
DATE & TIME: Thursday, November 17, 2016 – 6:30 to 8:30 pm
PRESENTER: Tina Spencer
BIO: Tina Spencer is an Early Childhood Educator at St. Catherine Preschool in North Vancouver.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This workshop is all about where preschool teachers and parents can create colourful felt and foam stories and activities to promote learning and entertainment in preschoolers. Certificates of hours given upon completion of workshops. Please make sure you bring a pair of sharp scissors, and trays or cookie sheets to take home your wet projects. Make sure you wear grubby clothes or bring an apron!!

DATE & TIME: Thursday, November 24, 2016 – 6:30 to 8:30 pm
PRESENTERS: Carolyn Sullivan
BIO:  Carolyn Sullivan has been involved in Early Childhood Education and Care for over 30 years working in preschool, daycare and community programs. She has a passion for supporting children who are communicating their needs through challenging behavior. Currently she works as a Supported Child Development consultant on the north shore

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: For both children and adults transitions between activities or between home and childcare can be both stressful and frustrating. During this session participants will be presented with strategies to use before, during, and after both types of transitions to promote independence and set a positive tone in your relationships with children and families. There will be an opportunity for participants to reflect on current routines examining what works as well as what might be changed.

TITLE: Messy Art– The Holiday Edition 
DATE & TIME: Thursday, December 8, 2016 – 6:30 to 8:30 pm
PRESENTER: Julie Hansen

BIO: After becoming an Early Childhood Educator in 2000, Julie has gained experience in a variety of areas within the field. This experience includes being a director of a preschool, the supervisor of an after school care, 3-5 and presently an Infant Toddler program. Writing has also been a strong interest of Julie's and in 1994 her first children’s book  “Jack’s Magic Hat” was published. Subsequently Julie has had articles reflecting classroom situations published in provincial and national ECE journals. Julie is currently completing the Douglas College PLAR program to acquire her diploma in Early Childhood Education. Providing children and families with quality, nurturing, creative learning opportunities and environments inspires her as an Early Childhood Educator.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Celebrate the holidays by exposing children to a variety of festive mediums, tools and materials through open ended art activities. Learn how to  provide children with experiences that support inclusion, meet diverse developmental needs and foster mentoring opportunities. This can all be possible through hands on art situations. Discover the important role that documentation and display play in our programs for children and families when showcasing art experiences. 


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To download the complete registration guide, please click here.

Workshop Reminder: 
 *Registration for workshops must be done on line and in advance. We do not do registration at the door at the time of the workshop. The registration link is in the workshop section of this newsletter.
*If you are registering for more than one person, please note the names of the people attending in the Comments section. If there is a change in attendance, please try and inform us so that we know the name of the person registered and the name of the person replacing the registrant.

Thank you!
Parents' Page
Free Workshop Flyer

Information on our Library

The Child Care Resource Program's library is designed to encourage a richly diverse learning environment.  We have dramatic play, story, and science displays to help stimulate ideas for parents, child care providers, teachers, and students. 

We have over 2000 books, videos and equipment on a variety of topics related to Early Childhood Education, Child Care Programming, Child Development, Parenting, and children’s books.

The library is divided into various categories including books on parenting.
  • Parenting (code PAR)-this is a large group of books covering all kinds of parenting issues from babyhood to teenage. This is a good place to browse for general information and for help with specific problems.
We also have Information Packages (Resource kits) on a variety of topics such as separation, anxiety, sleep problems, temper tantrums, self- esteem, new baby, etc. Each package includes a variety of articles as well as children’s books related to the topic.

We also have many books for children-From toddlers to teens.

Resources are available for loan, no charge, to all subscribers of the Child Care Resource & Referral Program.

To subscribe please contact Fariba Aghdassi.

Phone (direct line):  604-982-3314 or by e-mail at

 Or you can call our office at 604-985-7138.
Articles & Resources
Activities for Fall

Check out these fun activities found on Pinterest HERE
Social Development

Training & Professional Development
Foundations of Child Care Course
Do you need the certification as a responsible Adult working in Licensed Child Care? Do you want to work in School-Age-Care? Do you want to start your own Family child Care? Do you need to train a helper?

Study the Foundations of Child Care Course! Next course offered will start September 24, 2016.
Please find the flyer and registration form 
HERE. Or go to our website.

ECE Student Bursary Program
ECEBC is pleased to announce that the ECE Student Bursary Program will run for the Fall 2016 semester (September to December 2016). Fall 2016 Bursary applications are now available.

ECE student bursary:
During the summer of 2014, the Early Childhood Educators of BC received funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development to establish a bursary fund for students enrolled in early childhood educational programs. To respond to identified needs, priority will be given to:
  • Aboriginal students,
  • Students attending early childhood educational programs with an Aboriginal focus, and
  • Students working to achieve an infant/toddler educator designation.
All students registered for ECE courses during the Fall 2016 semester (September to December 2016) at an approved training institution are encouraged to apply. Students will be able to apply for up to $300 per course, to a maximum of $1,500 per semester.

Eligible applicants must be enrolled at an approved educational institution in an ECE program, with priority given to Aboriginal students, or students enrolled in ECE programs with an Aboriginal focus or working to achieve an infant/toddler educator designation.

To determine if the post-secondary institution you are or will be attending is an approved educational institution, please view the Ministry of Children and Family Development's list

ECE bursary program:
New Educational Offerings for ECEs - Fall 2016

In the recent ECEBC Sector Survey, more than 60% of respondents asked for more educational offerings by online learning. ECEBC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Red River College (RRC). This arrangement will ensure that ECEs have opportunities to participate in high quality professional development in a way that is convenient to them. Two topics will be offered this fall:
  • Focusing on Play – October 13 to 26, 2016 (participants choose times that are most convenient for them). Register by October 6, 2016. For more information, please click HERE.
  • Positive Guidance – November 10 to 23, 2016 (participants choose times that are most convenient for them).  Register by November 3, 2016.  For more information, please click HERE
Upon successful completion, participants will receive 6 hours of professional development credit per course.
Level of Learning: Intermediate (Suggested Prerequisite: ECE diploma)
Course instructors from RRC will be in touch with course participants to respond to questions and provide orientation. Professional Development certificates will be issued by ECEBC.

Cost:  $80.00 for ECEBC Members. $150.00 for Future Members

Online registration opens Friday, August 26, 2016!  

For more information or registration forms for those who would prefer not to register online, please contact Yasmin Irani at
A 4-Week Parent Education Course
Genders West Conference in West Vancouver

The conference program is now available and registration is now open.
View the program: 
Genders West 2016 - Conference Program 

Sunshine Coast ECE Conference
Please find the link to the Exploration and Discovery ECE Conference information on our website HERE
Announcements & Events
North Shore Community Care Facilities Licensing - Changes

Order in Council Child Care Regulation Changes and Director of Licensing Standard of Practice – Active Play:


Please ensure that you have a copy of the regulations for reference and review to ensure that you are complying with the changes. Licensing staff will be involved in an information webinar provided by the Ministry of Health and once this has taken place it is the intention of Vancouver Coastal Health to provide information sessions for our licensees.
Two new policies are required regarding the Active Play DOLSOP and once Licensing has determined what we would want to see in these policies your Licensing Officer will contact you.
There has been an addition to the no smoking policy which now includes e-cigarettes, for further details please review in the new regulations. Please do not allow any staff to smoke on the premises.
A medical clearance is no longer required by the legislation, however, if individual licensees are permitted to have these if it is part of their hiring policies.
New Regulation requires that ECE certificates must be validated prior to a licensee hiring staff.
Early Childhood Educators:
A reminder that you need to submit for renewal several months before your ECE or ECEA certificates expire. We recommend keeping a copy of all of your Professional Development certificates and sending priority post to track delivery. Again for ECE certificates they are valid for 5 years
Criminal Record Check Clearances:
Clearances are still taking some time to be processed so please be aware of this fact when hiring staff. All CRC clearances are required renewal every 5 years so please check the status for all involved in your program
Exemptions for Temporary placements and Retention of children in programs:
It is critical that request for temporary placements or retention be submitted to licensing a minimum of two weeks prior to the start date of the requested exemption. Exemptions are specifically to assist families in securing appropriate space such as to have a sibling group together. Exemptions are not to fill a specific program. Please DO NOT enrol children who do not meet the age groupings for the category of care assuming that Licensing will just approve the request. If this occurs it will render the licensee in contravention of the legislation, may alter the risk rating and even result in a program having to give notice to a family or families to become compliant to the legislation. Please also ensure that you submit the required application with the correct dates for the duration of the requested exemption with the supporting documentation and parent letter for each child. Please also ensure that the parents understand that these requests may increase risk as the legislation requires a minimum standard. In addition all parents need to be notified that there is an exemption in place.  This office has seen a significant increase in temporary placements and Vancouver Coastal Health CCFL regionally is concerned. Licensing Officers have large number of files and need to prioritize their work accordingly.
Health Canada Advisory Warning against the use of Borax:
Please review the following link.
Should you have any questions regarding this information please do not hesitate to contact your Licensing Officer or me.

Glenda Burrows and the North Shore Licensing Team.

Media Release on Child Care Licensing Regulation from
the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
Administrator's Network Meeting 

This meeting is for group childcare providers on the North Shore to meet and network and share ideas. This is in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health Childcare Licensing team. Please join us at our next meeting: 
Date: October 26, 2016
Time: 11:30 am-1:30 pm
Location: 203-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

To RSVP or more information please contact  Tunde Getaneh at 604.982.3324 or email
Upcoming Events at the West Vancouver Memorial Library
Halloween Puppet Show | Ages 3+
Friday, October 28th

10:30am AND 4:00pm (two shows)
Join us for a spooky puppet show featuring pumpkins, goblins and witches — oh my!
Online registration opens September 15 at 10 a.m. Please register each child individually.
Pro-D Day Movie Matinee – The Nightmare Before Christmas | All Ages
Friday, October 21
2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Welsh Hall
Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but doesn't quite understand the concept.
Rated PG (for some scary images). Running time of 76 minutes.
Properties Family Hub Hour
Wednesdays from October 5th to November 9th
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Our pop-up library comes to you! Get a library card, borrow and return books and DVDs, get help from a librarian, listen to a read-aloud, play a family game and much, much more. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
This program is offered in partnership with the Properties Family Hub Society and takes place in the portable classroom at Chartwell Elementary School.
Gleneagles Pop-up Library | All Ages
Spooktacular! - Thursday, October 27, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
All-Star Characters! - Thursday, November 24, 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Happy Holidays! - Monday, December 19, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Bring the whole family for some fun with our WVML librarians once a month! We’ve got something for everyone.
This program takes place at the Gleneagles Community Centre in the Living Room space.
Holiday Movie Matinees | All Ages
Time: All movies start at 2:30pm
Location: West Vancouver Memorial Library - Welsh Hall
Finding Dory – Monday, December 19th
The BFG – Tuesday, December 20th
Elf – Wednesday, December 21st
Report Released On Access to Child Care & the Human Rights of Women and Children by West Coast LEAF
The current state of child care services in BC is failing women and children, with serious repercussions for their human rights and for women's equality more broadly.
That's why West Coast LEAF embarked on our Right to Child Care law reform project, which has culminated in a report: High Stakes: The impacts of child care on the human rights of women and children.

The report calls on BC to take immediate steps to adopt and implement the $10aDay Plan to make child care significantly more affordable for all, ensure free care for families with lower incomes, and ultimately improve access to high-quality care for every child in BC who needs it. It also recommends that the BC government to take urgent action to provide free child care immediately to those families with the greatest need.
 Update on the BC Government Website:  Find Child Care

The enhanced map provides parents who are searching for child care, details of your facility’s programs and services – including current vacancies!
Please visit the enhanced map at and click on the map link to view your facility information as it will display to parents.
PLEASE ensure the information for your facility is up to date. If it is not, please update it using the Child Care Web Application (CCWA) under the Contact Information and Programs and Services tabs.
If you have questions, please call us toll free 1-888-338-6622 or in Victoria 250-356-6501.
A New Federal Tax Benefit for Teachers and Early Childhood Educators
Mother Goose Sessions
Monthly Network Meetings 

Welcome New Child Care Providers

Welcome to our newest family child care providers!

Angel's Academy – new LFCC
Butterfly Garden – new RLNR
Happy Stars Family Child Care – new RLNR
Little Buddies Daycare – new Multi-age
Roses Family Child Care – new RLNR
Upper Lynn Family Child Care – new LFCC
Websites Of Interest

The North Shore VAMIR: Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women in Relationships has a new website:

Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network: a non-profit organization providing detailed information and activities to promote language and communication development.
Handbook of Language and Literacy Development-A roadmap from 0-60 months
Caring for Kids- Information for Parents from Canada’s Paediatricians
Caring for Kids provides parents with information about their child’s and teen's health and well-being. Because the site is developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society — the voice of more than 3,000 Canadian paediatricians—you can be sure the information is reliable.

First Aid Resources
The following organizations provide First Aid training on the North Shore:
St. John Ambulance –
Safe & Sound First Aid Training Canadian Red Cross Delivery, Partner Courses offered on the North Shore. For upcoming Emergency Child Care and CRP/AED trainings, please click here:  
Sea 2 Sky Safety Training Services           
Please click here:
Canadian Red Cross Delivery
Emergency Child Care First AidStandard First Aid, and Emergency First Aid courses are available through NorthVanRec. Please click here: for course listings or call 604-983-6534.
About Our Organization
North Shore Community Resources Society
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Open Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm
The CCRR is open until 8:00pm only on the dates when there is a workshop running.  
Office Closed
New Year's Day (January 1)
Family Day
Good Friday
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Victoria Day
Canada Day (July 1)
BC Day
Labour Day
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Christmas (December 23-January 3)
Boxing Day (December 26)

The CCRR program provides the following services:
  • Newsletters
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  • Library of books, music, video and resources
  • Equipment and toy lending
  • Laminating and photocopying
  • Job postings
  • Computer access
  • Referrals to child care facilities
As well as support and consultation for parents, child care providers and the community. For other information and resources please check our website.

North Shore Community Resources CCRR Staff

For a list of the CCRR staff members and their contact information, please click here.
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Our volunteers: Rose Olson and 
Vivian Xi

Our Community Partners: John Braithwaite Community Centre; District of North Vancouver – Lynn Valley Library; Parkgate Community Centre; St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, North Vancouver

Our Funders: The Ministry for Child and Family Development; City of North Vancouver;  District of North Vancouver; District of West Vancouver; Modern Mama – North Shore; and the North Shore News  
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