This week we've got an exciting new documentation tool, a VS Code competitor that feels like Xcode and an easier way to navigate Xcode build settings.

We're also featuring the screenshot tool we use every day. 

Kodemo - create engaging documentation

Kodemo is still surrounded in a cloud of mystery. Currently sitting in alpha and working with a waiting list, we can only feed our hunger with this 44s video. From the video, we can see this is a more animated way of creating documentation.

Some key features

  • Linking pieces of text directly to code files
  • Code files can be animated in steps while scrolling, i.e. highlight the first line, then highlight the second line
  • Code diff support between steps
Read more about Kodemo here

đź“Ł Stream - real-time chat in less time

Stream enables you to rapidly ship in-app messaging with highly reliable chat infrastructure and feature-rich SDKs.

With better chat, you can improve your overall in-app conversion, engagement, and retention. 

Try Stream for free today

CodeEdit - the code editor built by and for the community

A lot of code editors are built using web technology. Making them slow, have high RAM usage, and fall behind. CodeEdit is a macOS native app, designed to look and feel like an Apple product. An experience like Xcode, and on top of all that… still lightweight.

While Xcode mostly supports projects written for Apple platforms, CodeEdit takes the experience broader, looking to be that VS Code replacement perhaps? The project is currently being built and needs some community support. Head over to their repo and see if you can contribute to their project.

Some key features

  • Code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Terminal
  • Git integration
Read more about CodeEdit here


Xcode Build Settings - reference to Xcode project build settings

This tool comes in the form of a website: Xcode Build Settings are a maze you don’t want to get lost in. With hundreds of options, this is one of the most dreaded tabs for iOS devs.

Xcode Build Settings provides a reference to all these build settings with an easy-to-navigate interface. The creator of this tool also created a very good article on how to set up Xcode build configuration files here.

Some key features

  • Code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Terminal
  • Git integration
Read more about Xcode Build Settings here

Cleanshot X - capturing your screen on steroids

This tool doesn’t just take screenshots, it has over 50 built-in features. Built natively for Mac it allows you to take screenshots, and screen recordings, edit them, convert them, and share them.

There are 2 options: App + basic cloud functionality = one-time payment of $29 OR $8 per month for the App and Cloud Pro.

Some key features

  • Scrolling captures (scroll view converted to 1 larger image)
  • Useful annotation options (blurring, text, shapes, images)
  • Remove Mac background
  • Freeze screen
  • Record screen with a microphone
Read more about Cleanshot X here

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